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Veganuary 2021 recipe inspiration. If you are taking part in Veganuary or wanting to become vegan or eat more plant-based food, let us help.

For the last few years, we’ve taken part in Veganuary, – where in January everything we eat is vegan – hence Veganuary. This year we thought it might be helpful if we shared some of our favourite easy to make, family plant-based recipes with you to help if you’d like to try Veganuary or even if you’ve decided that this year is the one you eat more plant-based. So here is our Veganuary 2021 Recipe Inspiration.

We’ve chosen recipes that are simple switches, recipes that you will be familiar with – like spaghetti bolognese – but our recipe will show you how to make it plant-based.

What is Veganuary?

Going vegan for January.

Since 2014, Veganuary has inspired and supported more than one million people in 192 countries to try vegan for January – and beyond. They have worked with businesses to drive up vegan food provision in shops and restaurants, and have made veganism more visible and accessible through their work with national and international media.

Why take part in Veganuary.

Taking part in Veganuary is a positive stepping stone to becoming more plant-based, you may take on the challenge for just the month of January, you may be inspired by the way it makes your body feel, and that it’s you to become a vegan, or you may decide that 2 days a week you’ll be totally plant-based. All of these are great choices.

We’ve never said to our children you have to be vegan or vegetarian – it is, in our personal view, their choice. But we can make sure they eat more plant-based meals at home. They adapt very quickly and now don’t think about the chilli being vegan – they just layer on the guacamole and get stuck in.

Where do I start to eat vegan food?

Like with any way of eating, you can now buy a world of overly processed vegan ready meals, some are great, others are packed full of rubbish. Being vegan does not necessarily mean a healthier way of eating.  It’s that good old advice to read the ingredients and watch the sugar content!

This is entirely a personal choice, for some people it is because they love animals, others it’s because of the impact intensive methods of agriculture have had and forced our planet into a downward spiral, for others it’s because of health issues – for many it’s a gradual process and for some it’s an instant life choice.


Vegan Breakfast Recipes

There are so many easy dairy alternatives you can discover and use in your breakfasts. Try using plant-based milk, such as oat or unsweetened almond in your Chocolate and peanut butter porridge, on your cherry and cacao granola, make easy tofu scramble or pile your plate with a pancake stack.


Vegan Lunch Recipes

Here are a few light bite and lunch ideas that you will thoroughly enjoy. We absolutely love our lemon and herb falafels, there’s our lentil Caesar salad, our favourite tomato and lentil soup and speedy guacamole on toast. We have so many soup recipes, that are ideal for a cold January day.


Vegan Dinner Ideas

There are so many brilliant, uncomplicated, homemade recipes that easily become staples in your recipe repertoire. Here we have vegan bolognese, crispy golden tofu, sweet and sour tofu and our ultimate vegan chilli.


Vegan Desserts

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered, removing animal-based produce does not mean missing out on your favourite desserts.

Chocolate orange steamed pudding, parkin fruit cobbler, quick jam steamed pudding or a strawberry cheesecake?


Vegan Baking & Sweet Treats

From no-bake Brazil nut caramel bars, our loved banana loaf, easy chocolate orange sponge cake and rich dark chocolate brownies. There are blueberry muffins, energy balls and so many others just have a scroll through www.healthy-twists.com


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  1. Hans Lewis

    January 18, 2021

    Wish your blog a successful 2021, Claire & Sarah. I have been following your blog for a long time and I really admire your sharing about Vegan, cooking and how you enjoy life and spread the spirit to the community. I have some suggestions and some information to ask you, I wonder which way is convenient? (by direct on instagram or via email, …) ? Looking forward to hearing from you ❤️

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