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Who doesn’t love the satisfying simplicity of something ‘on toast’?

Somedays it’s hard to beat the classic beans on toast but if you are feeling that you’d like to raise your ‘on toast’ habits we thought we’d share with you some of the delicious and exciting ways to do just that!

We’ve broken the day down into three on or in toast munching sessions but to be honest, you can have any of them at any time – breakfast, brunch, lunch or as a lighter easy supper.

Here are some of our favourite serving suggestions…

All servings suggestions pictured here are made with gluten-free bread and have vegan toppings.



Breakfast ‘on toast’ from left to right –

Firstly we have chickpea chocolate spread (yes that’s right – will add recipe link here very soon), topped with hot maple banana slices, blueberries and chopped almonds. There’s a drizzle of chocolate syrup on there too.

In the middle – sliced bananas, blueberries, strawberries, chopped chunks of dark chocolate, mixed seeds, goji berries and sultanas and more chocolate syrup.

On the right – the top slice is mixed chia berry jam topped with banana slices and mixed seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and flax). The bottom slice is homemade roasted almond butter with blueberries and more mixed seeds. There’s a drizzle of dark melted chocolate over them too. To achieve the best chocolate drizzle we always add a small amount of coconut oil to the chocolate and then melt it in the microwave. It is quick, easy and drizzles perfectly!



All great options for any meal of the day, however, if we are looking for a nourishing and quick lunch you will generally find us digging into a mound of hummus which we believe goes with everything!

The left and far right ‘on toast’ have roasted red pepper hummus smeared on them, with garlic pan fried chestnut mushrooms, accompanied by tomato, avocado and fresh basil leaf salad. We’ve also scattered our mix of 4 seeds over the top.

The wonderfully green ‘on toast’ in the middle has traditional hummus, pan-fried asparagus, toasted pumpkin seeds and watercress – such a great combination!


Ever since we were kids and the first Breville toasted sandwich machine made its way home and then to uni and into our first homes until it finally gave up and we moved on to a panini maker – because let’s face it with a growing family, you need to be able to make more toasties in one go! Basically, I don’t know what we’d do without ours. As a teenager, we tried putting most things into a toasted sandwich – everything from baked beans and cheese to one time a ready meal lasagne ( at a mates house after we’d been to the pub) I’d not advise trying it.

Here are some slightly more grown-up versions that we enjoy today.

On the left we have vegan cheese, kimchi, sundried tomatoes and a thin layer of mustard – it might sound odd but it’s delicious.

For the centre toastie, we pan-fried mushrooms, spinach, red onion, fresh coriander leaves, piled it into the centre of the bread, sprinkled over grated cheese and then toasted.

And the final toastie over on the right – has a layer of green pesto, a good spoonful of kimchi – if you’ve not tried kimchi is a toastie you are missing out! – grated cheese and sliced fresh cherry tomatoes.

Feel free to eat as they are or dig out your favourite sauces and dunk away.

We hope we’ve given you some new ideas for ways to enjoy some different flavour combinations – you’ll find much more ‘on toast’ inspiration on our Instagram and Pinterest pages.