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Dried dates are a sticky treat all on their own, but if you fill them with nut butter and then drizzle over melted dark chocolate they reach a whole new level. Eat the stuffed dates now or pop them in the freezer!

Easy to make, ideal for sharing, perfect instead of dessert and ideal after a run that took too much out of you.

frozen stuffed dates with nut butter and dark chocolate


Stuffed dates with nut butter and dark chocolate

Makes as many as you like.


Medjool dates – without stoned

Almond butter

Cashew butter

or other nut butter

Dark chocolate


Remove the stones from the dates, place the dates onto a freezer-proof plate. Then using a teaspoon, fill the centre of each date with your choice of nut butter. For ease place, the dark chocolate into a glass bowl and melt it, on medium heat for about 2 to 3 minutes in the microwave (use a bain-marie if you don’t have a microwave). Then spoon the melted chocolate over the nut butter centres.

nut butter stuffed dates

We’d then recommend placing the plate in the freezer as this creates a more dense treat with a really good chewy bite to it. Once the dates and nut butter have frozen and the chocolate has set remove the dates and either eat them or store them in the freezer in a container with a sealed lid. If using a small freezer box it might be worth layering the dates between greaseproof paper, so that they don’t stick to each other.

We’d like to able to tell you how long they can last in the freezer but we are lucky if we can stretch 15 dates out to last 2 weeks.

nut butter and chocolate stuffed dates