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strawberry, raspberry and tahini smoothie bowl

Strawberry, raspberry and tahini smoothie bowl, adding tahini to strawberries and raspberries might not seem an obvious flavour addition but it works so well. We use frozen fruit which means whether the fruits are in season or not you can enjoy this strawberry, raspberry and tahini smoothie bowl any time of the year. One of our freezers draws is always crammed full of a variety of frozen fruits and veg, it makes it really simple for the family to create their own flavour combinations.


Makes 1 bowl


1 frozen banana

1 fresh banana

1/4 cup of frozen strawberries

1/4 cup of frozen raspberries

1 tsp of tahini

3 heaped tbsp. yoghurt

ideally use strawberry almond yoghurt but coconut, almond, kefir or

Greek yoghurt will work equally well.

a small splash of vanilla extract



strawberry yoghurt

frozen berries

dark chocolate chunks

a drizzle of melted dark chocolate



To make the strawberry, raspberry and tahini smoothie bowl – the night before peel and slice one banana, place it in a pot and put it in the freezer, alternatively you can use 2 small fresh bananas, but freezing a banana makes it thicker and more nice-cream like.

In the morning remove the frozen banana from the freezer and tip it into a high powered blender, add the remaining smoothie ingredients and blend, start slowly and you may need to use the mixing tool. If the mix is very thick you made need to add a splash of liquid. Once the smoothie bowl mix is thick and smooth spoon into a bowl and enjoy adding a selection of the toppings, before tucking in.


Strawberry, raspberry and tahini smoothie bowl