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We love the combination of raspberries and cacao – you’ll find we use it regularly in our recipes. Our raspberry, cacao, quinoa and oat porridge is one of our favourites, we make it over and over again.

Mixing oats and quinoa makes a great change from just oats, quinoa is naturally rich in protein and amino acids helping keep us fuller for longer.

Vegan, to make gluten free use gluten free oats

Serves 1

20g or ½ cup of quinoa flakes
20g or ½ cup of oats
2 tbsp. of cacao powder
A handful of fresh or frozen raspberries
½ a tsp. of cinnamon powder
400ml cashew milk (or other)

Sliced banana
Walnut butter
Fresh or frozen raspberries
Cacao nibs
And we know it looks like we put chocolate buttons and vegan chocolate sauce on everything, but it really is optional (well sort of optional).


To make the raspberry, cacao, quinoa and oat porridge add the oats and quinoa flakes to the pan. Then pour over the cashew milk and stir in the cinnamon, cacao powder and the raspberries. Gently heat, stirring regularly. Depending on how much time you have cook slowly for 10 to 15 minutes, or quickly for 5 to 8 minutes.

Once the raspberry, cacao, quinoa and oat porridge is cooked, spoon into a bowl and top with raspberries, sliced banana, a teaspoon of walnut butter, cacao nibs and the ‘optional’ chocolate drizzle and dark chocolate buttons.