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Who loves hot chocolate? We do! Our peanut butter hot chocolate is a fun and delicious way to liven up this comforting drink.

We’ve tried many different types of plant-based milk (research is important to us) and have agreed that oat milk is the creamiest and most complementary plant-based milk for creating hot chocolates.

To make this peanut butter hot chocolate we’ve combined some of our favourite flavours  – peanut butter, cacao, cinnamon and ginger. So get your blender and a saucepan ready and enjoy a heartwarming seasonal cup of peanut butter hot chocolate. And if you aren’t a fan of peanut butter or have run out (heaven forbid) why not try using almond or cashew butter.

Spiced Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate 

Spiced Peanut butter hot chocolate


Serves 2

2 heaped tbsp. cacao powder

1 loaded tbsp. peanut butter

2 medjool dates or 1 tsp. of date syrup

A thumbnail size chunk of fresh ginger

½ tsp. ground cinnamon powder

Oat milk



Add all the ingredients to a high-powered blender, then pour in 2 mugs or cupfuls of oat milk. Blend until the liquid is very smooth.

Transfer the chocolate mixture to a saucepan heat gently and whisk lightly. The peanut butter hot chocolate will start to thicken with the heat. Once warm to hot in temperature pour into mugs, snuggle up and enjoy.

Why not create your own flavour combinations – you can use any flavour nut butter and add orange zest or a splash of vanilla extract? We’ll leave it up to you.


spiced peanut butter hot chocolate