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Peanut butter and blueberry porridge is such an easy breakfast to make. Taking a mouthful of creamy porridge and finding warm juicy blueberries makes our mornings! We really enjoy nut butter in our porridge and peanut butter is a delicious addition.

Vegan, to make gluten free use gluten free oats

Serves 1

40g of jumbo oats
300ml+ of plant based milk
1 tsp. of peanut butter
A handful of fresh or frozen blueberries

1 tsp. of peanut butter
Fresh blueberries
Sliced banana
Dark chocolate vegan buttons (72%)
Maple syrup or vegan chocolate syrup


Add the oats, plant milk, peanut butter and blueberries to a pan and gently cook, stirring regularly – for creamier porridge leave the ingredients to soak for about 20 minutes.
Once the peanut butter and blueberry porridge is hot, creamy and the consistency is to your liking- if it is too thick add a splash more milk then spoon into a bowl.

Then feel free to go as mad as you like with your toppings.