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The Plant-Based Family Cookbook is full of 60 Easy & Nutritious Vegan Meals Kids Will Love. Our cookbook is an ideal addition to any vegan kitchen and is a brilliant gateway to introducing your family to eating more delicious plant-based meals.

The Plant-Based Family Cookbook



by Claire Swift & Sarah Biagetti

Founders of Healthy Twists


Hello there,

Well, this is a turn up for the books! Let us share with you where you can buy your very own copy of The Plant-Based Family Cookbook and tell you a little more about the delicious delights held within the pages.


 60 Easy & Nutritious Vegan Meals Kids Will Love!


We are so excited to tell you that our book published by Page Street Publishing is now available to buy in the US & Canada and the UK release date is the 25th January 2022 (according to Amazon UK’s latest timings).


The Plant-Based Family Cookbook is available to order now through:

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The Plant-Based Family Cookbook is the perfect solution for those picky eaters and vegan diet sceptics everywhere. This book features incredibly flavourful and nourishing options that will help the whole family make healthier choices together.

Each recipe is as nutritious as it is indulgent: readers will be won over by scrumptious breakfasts, as well as tempting snacks, decadent desserts and delightful weeknight meals. Parents will find plenty of enticing lunchbox options for the little ones like Crispy Tofu Nuggets with Sweet Potato Fries or Satay Dippers. The adults can entertain friends with restaurant-inspired meals and tantalizing appetizers like Filled Crispy Pancakes and Eggplant Bao Buns; and when the weekends finally roll around, families can gather around mouth-watering brunches and comforting desserts like Apple Waffles or Lemon Cheesecake with Blueberry Compote.

What’s more, Claire and Sarah feature recipes that can be made ahead in batches and frozen, so that they’re ready to eat whenever it suits everyone’s busy schedule―no more sacrificing tasty, healthy options during hectic weekdays!

Whether you’re looking to balance out your kids’ diets or helping the whole family transition to full-veganism, The Plant-Based Family Cookbook is jam-packed with tasty options that’ll win over everyone at mealtime.

The plant-based family cookbook mushroom-tofu burger


 “The Plant-based Family Cookbook is a beautiful book with lots of really practical tasty family recipes perfect for anyone wanting to get their families to eat more veg!”

David & Stephen Flynn, Bestselling authors and founders of The Happy Pear.



“Claire and Sarah’s family recipes have everything – delicious, healthy and completely approachable. Every meal looks like you just want to dive in; packed with good things and you just know everyone will enjoy them. A must-have cookbook for any plant-based family.”

Niki Webster, Founder, Rebel Recipes and cookbook author



“Whether you are fully plant-based or simply trying to encourage more plant-based meals into your diet, the Plant-Based Family Cookbook is a fantastic resource of recipes that are not only healthy and nutritious but packed with flavour and colour too. From kid-friendly favourites like pancakes, waffles, nuggets and pasta to more adventurous offerings such as tagines, curries, traybakes and salads, this book will suit everyone from the plant-curious to the fully plant-based family.”

Ciara Atwell, founder of My Fussy Eater.


Hearty family favourites with a healthy, plant-based twist!

As a mum to a vegan daughter and flexitarian son, it can be hard to please everyone at mealtimes. After a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is have to cook two different dishes. This cookbook solves this common dilemma with its quick and easy plant-based recipes that are not only packed with veg but bursting with flavour too.


Children enjoy dishes that they recognise – especially hearty classics like pasta, Cottage Pie, casserole (and cake!) and this fantastic cookbook shows you how to adapt these meals to incorporate more veg without the need for meat.


A plant-based diet is the single biggest way we can reduce our impact on the planet, which is why it’s so important that we lower our intake of animal-derived foods such as meat, fish and dairy. Animal products are also high in saturated fats, meaning plant-based food is not only healthier for the planet but for us too. There is so much innovation happening right now, which makes it a really exciting time to adopt this kind of diet. Claire and Sarah know just how to make those clever swaps – whether it be ‘tuna’ made from chickpeas, ‘chicken’ nuggets made with tofu or waffles made from apples and oats. And when it comes to everyday cheats like egg-free mayo and dairy-free cheese, the supermarkets have got our back.


Let’s teach our kids that cooking without meat can be easy, fun and best of all – delicious!


Holly Johnson, Vegan Food & Living magazine and host of the Simply Vegan podcast


We have made sure that every recipe works with both European & US measuring and oven systems and to find out more about how on earth we found ourselves as published authors and what it’s been like creating all these deliciously satisfying recipes read our blog post WE WROTE A COOKBOOK (it will be up soon). 


As always, we can’t thank you all enough for your support and we hope you find recipes in The Plant-Based Family Cookbook that become family favourites.

Our aim throughout the creative process was to build a book filled with tasty, user and eater friendly recipes, that the pages will become splattered with cake mix and sauce, that you will write in the margins of as you tweak to put your own spin on the recipe. And for the recipes to be ones you will make time and time again.


With love

Claire & Sarah



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