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Are you looking for festive food inspiration? Then download our free Festive Feasts recipe eBook to lift your Christmas table.



Festive Feasts eBook

The Festive Feasts Recipe eBook

A recipe book full of seasonal recipes.


Back in October we had an idea and decided that it needed to happen.

We wanted to end 2020 by creating something special to give a little something back to our Healthy Twists community and we wanted to include the amazing foodies that have helped support us through what has been (let’s face it) an erm interesting year (we are being polite).

We spoke to a few of them to sound them out and see if they’d be interested in joining us in creating a Festive Feasts eBook, full of recipes that everyone will love and that will bring some seasonal cheer to our December dining tables. The response was a resounding YAY!


So here we have it, our first ever Festive Feasts recipe book, you will find recipes from;

the lovely (and bloomin’ funny) Lucy & Lentils,

the fermenting talent that is The Plucky Pickle,

the king of family food At Dad’s Table,

the force behind the No.1 food blog in the UK My Fussy Eater,

the kindest person on social media Nourishing Amy,

the gorgeous Mum to be SpamellaB,

the newly engaged (have you seen the diamond?) What Luce Eats,

the caring considerate Samantha Hadadi,

The Menopause Nutritionist – you need Emma in your life if your hormones are as bonkers as ours,

the author that can help you transition to eating more plant-based food Rebel Recipes


the delectable Mrs Hollingsworth – seriously have you ordered anything from Mrs H yet?


Anyway, we love these talented humans, all so individual in their approach and yet all with the common goal of making our stomachs as happy as they can be – the best kind of humans in our view and you can find them all in Festive Feasts.

And we couldn’t have pulled this together without the ever-supportive design eye of Fi Finchett – Cheers Fi, let’s hope this is the first of many.

So that’s it, to download the free Festive Feasts eBook, simply sign up to our mailing list – we promise that we won’t bombard you with emails and you can unsubscribe at any time.


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Much love

Claire & Sarah

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