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Did you know how important getting 30g of dietary fibre into your body is every day?!? Find out why and how to do it.

Easy Ways to Boost your FIBRE intake assisted by a very inspiring day in London at the Big London Bake with Ryvita.

Note – this isn’t a paid blog post, yes we’ve undertaken paid recipes for Ryvita but we felt this information could really help everyone in their quest to boost their fibre intake and stay healthy.

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Who’d have thought learning ways to increase your fibre intake could be so much fun!

Along with the Happy Pear (twins Stephen and David), the huggable Davina McCallone of the worlds best huggers– and the determined and incredibly brave Deborah James AKA bowelbabe, we all cooked up a fibre-based storm.


About 20 invitees armed with aprons and in a ‘bake-off’ style kitchen tent, set about chopping, slicing, grating and creating fibre packed meals, desserts and snacks all recipes from the grinning Happy Pear. We then devoured them for lunch!

If you ever meet The Happy Pear – passionate plant-based foodies, you’ll be sure to receive a great big grin, top advice and a big hug.

There was then a panel chat with the passionate Ryvita team, Davina, Deborah, Stephen and David, who shared why they are so rightly enthusiastic about the importance of fibre in our everyday eating. Also, they discussed what introducing more fibre into their lives has changed and improved for them personally. All this while the twins ate the fruit from the backdrop.


We aren’t going to ramble on (we know shock) but we are going to help to point you in the right direction as to how easy it is to increase your fibre intake to the recommended 30g required a day.



To get a rough idea of how your fibre intake currently is, firstly go and take the Ryvita Fibre Fit Challenge and find out if you are getting enough fibre…are you?

Secondly, sign up to #30in30 and let Ryvita help you reach that 30g target.


We look totally star-struck in these images – Deborah James and Davina McCall are inspirational women!


Did you know that having 30g of fibre a day helps reduce your likelihood of getting some cancers, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke by up to 28% – we know something so simple and within your own control could help save lives.

Now don’t think of this as another chore, you can make it so much more fun, tasty and beneficial than that!

Remember you can only get fibre from plant-based foods – fruit, veg, pulses – the list goes on, so there’s plenty to choose from. You cannot get fibre from animal products.

Ryvita Event Fibre Fit team

A delightful crew to spend the day with!



We’ve included links to some of our favourite easy fibre boosting recipes go and test out our –

Blackberry and Cacao Fibre Boosting Smoothie 

High Fibre Bliss Balls – Chocolate & Ginger

If you have 1 Blackberry and Cacao Fibre Boosting Smoothie and 2 High fibre Bliss Balls a day you will of had over 14g of fibre before you include the fibre count of your meals! Give them a try.