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Are you looking for the perfect gift for the food lover and cooks in your life? Then let our Christmas Foodie Gift Guide help you.

Healthy Twists Christmas Foodie Gift Guide.

Are you stuck with what to buy for the food obsessives amongst your friends and family? Let us help you with a few ideas.

Here’s a collection of everything from immersive courses, incredible places to eat out or have delectation delivered, gadgets, gizmos and creative artistry.

None of these links are affiliate links, we either have, use, would love or have been to these wonderful places.


A selection of ideas for those who love to eat out or eat in.

Oak Restaurant
One of the most incredible seasonal menus we reckon you will find in the UK (and we’ve eaten in some amazing restaurants), we’ve dreamt about the Oak all through lock-down and cannot wait to return to the beautiful city of Bath to immerse our senses in another incredible meal. The whole menu is plant-based; embrace this because otherwise, you will be the one missing out.

Oak restaurant Bath




Elite Bistro
Closer to home for us and with restaurants through the north-west of the UK, wonderful flavours and one of the funniest Twitter feeds from head chef Gary Usher (yes you needed to know that). Enjoy delicious food that caters for everyone either in the restaurant or we’ve had some of the recipe boxes at home through lockdown and they are fantastic.

Elite Bistros



Holly tree kitchen
Treat yourself or a friend to these heavenly creations all delivered to your door.

Holly creates the most divine vegan and allergy-friendly desserts perfect for your festive table.

Holly tree kitchen



Mrs Hollingsworths Granola

Mrs Hollingsworth AKA  Emma creates a range of granola, sweets and treats

and cakes that are all vegan and would make the perfect gift for someone wishing to try out veganuary.

mrs hollingsworth


For those who wish to expand their culinary knowledge.


River cottage
Want to expand your cookery knowledge, kitchen skills, learn a few top tips?

We’ve attended 2 courses at River Cottage HQ and you really do learn so much in one day – making this a gift that keeps on giving. So many different courses to try, and we can guarantee you will love them all and if you don’t like cooking just go for the lunches!

river cottage hq



Plant Academy
Expand your plant-based repertoire.

Founded to inspire passion through plants, the Plant Academy offers creative insights, inspiration and expertise – courses & online courses.

plant-based academy




We all need a helping hand

Hôtel chocolat velvetiser
We’ve got our eye on one of these, we are huge hot chocolate fans and this we’ve heard take hot chocolate to another level.

Hotel chocolat Velvetiser



Hand-held blender
Always useful and ours is on its last legs, think we’ll go for this Lakeland one as it gets great reviews.


Lakeland hand blender



Bumble Bee Wrap
Are you still using cling film? A natural and alternative way to wrap up food.

Bees wax wrap



Beautiful items for the kitchen from lovely mugs, props for food photography to bespoke pieces.


Beautiful and ethical handmade products – ideal gifts for cooks and the home.




Joe Hartley
Creative genius, bespoke.

We could write a full paper about Joe but we won’t, please just go and take a look.



Robert Welch cutlery
Iconic pieces to use every day and we do use them every day and have done for years.

Robert Welch



wxy Candles
Heavenly scent, practical for removing kitchen odours but also perfect for lighting up a winters evening.

WXY candle


Firestation Square Pottery
Gorgeous, reliable everyday pieces, that go in the dishwasher (this is key for many of us!) my favourite mug comes from here.

Firestation Square Pottery


We hope you find this Christmas Foodie Gift Guide helpful and have discovered something special to share with your loved ones.

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Here are some Seasonal Recipes you will enjoy  –

Parkin Roasted Fruit Cobbler 

Parkin Roasted Fruit Cobbler 1


Roasted Pumpkin Soup

roasted Pumpkin Soup flat lay