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We do find ourselves in some interesting places thanks to this random career path we are enjoying…

Late February 2019 Blue Diamond UK invited us to co-host a breakfast club, to showcase their almond breeze and snack nuts. It was held in the delightful Papermill Studios in London, a vibrant, bright and airy warehouse conversion that is one of Jamie Oliver’s favourite filming backdrops.

A group of ‘influencers’ as seems to be the term these days (we know that statement makes us sound old!) were invited to consume as many breakfast options as they could – and it was a joy watching them do so. From oat pancakes, smoothies and porridge all made with almond breeze and generally smothered in our roasted almond butter they all had fun sharing their breakfasts on their social media channels.

We loved cooking the breakfasts in the kitchen space and talking everyone through what we were doing, how we were making the recipes and why we use the ingredients we do. It took all our strength not to load our bags with half the perfectly prop-filled kitchen.

Here’s a link to the oat and banana pancake recipe we made so you can try them too.