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Last Friday, we had a fun and educational evening hosted by Jules owner of Altrincham based Plucky Pickle and a ferment extraordinaire. We were all greeted with a beaming smile and one of Jules’ kombucha cocktails to the Plucky Pickle Gut Health Club.

A delightful curious group of us gathered together in the Shack in Altrincham and were handed a cabbage each – turns out there’s a lot more than coleslaw that can be made with a cabbage!

The cabbage was for a mini fermentation masterclass in how to make a Curtido – a lightly fermented cabbage relish found in Salvadoran cuisine and that of other Central American countries.

We chopped, sprinkled, massaged (really therapeutic) spiced and zested until we’d packed the tasty mix into a kilner jar.

Happy with our work, we sat down to chat about all thing’s ‘gut health’ with Dr Ruth an NHS GP and a gut health convert. It was fascinating to learn about Dr Ruth’s journey into gut health and her approach to treating people holistically. Dr Ruth’s personal reasons for being kind to herself inside and out – we’d thoroughly recommend following Ruth’s drruthskinjourney IG account and you will understand what we mean.

What was equally brilliant was that this wasn’t just a be talked at by an expert this was an everyone joins in around the table chat – where we could all learn and draw on each other’s experiences.

However as with all events where Jules is involved the best was yet to come (if you’ve not been to one of the Plucky Pickle supper clubs – what have you been doing?). Whilst we’d all been sharing our thoughts, Jules had filled a table with the most delicious spread from the broad bean and pea mash, kombucha sourdough, plates of ferments and salads that you really didn’t want to have to share with anyone else! We all ate commenting that we’d love to eat like this every day and swearing we were going home to make butter bean dips.

We left with new friends, our jars of Curtido tucked under our arms, promising to love and burp them and with gut healthy filled stomachs.

Can’t recommend these evenings enough and we’ll be first on the list for the next one!

P.S. with the heat over the weekend we had to burp our jars a little more frequently.

We will show you our finished ferments in a few weeks time.