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Healthy Twists
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About Us


Thanks for visiting our Healthy Twists website, we hope you’ve had a scroll through and enjoyed some of our healthy twist recipes and blog posts.

We are Claire and Sarah two forty-something Mums, great friends and food lovers who decided to take a closer look at how our families eat and in doing so created Healthy Twists.

Our mission is to help you and your families increase the number of plant-based meals you eat each week. To help you to achieve this our Healthy Twists website and blog is packed full of easy to make, delicious plant-based recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts and for those special occasions.

Our two families have a variety of needs when it comes to food, so we set out to find a way of creating tasty healthy food to keep everyone happy.

We are a muddle of food intolerances, bloating, acid, IBS, blood sugar control, diabetic, migraine and transplantee owning humans with busy energetic lives – so eating healthily, keeping fit and active is key!

We develop our own recipes that are predominantly wheat, gluten-free and vegan there is something amongst these pages for everyone.  We are all for balance, treats and fun food – but we like to put a healthier twist on traditional and modern recipes making them available to a wider eating audience.

Our recipes are here for those who may already enjoy a plant-based diet so that they can access new recipes and for those of us who struggle to eat some foods to never feel like they are missing out on all the foodie delights life has to offer. The recipes you will find are there to share and try out on family and friends and we hope to encourage you to gradually introduce the odd plant-based meal to your life.

Our aim is to create easy plant-based recipes that taste amazing and leave you feeling great inside and out!

You can find daily inspiration by following our social media feeds – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Be warned we are breakfast addicts.